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A house from outside


"You Sit. I Clean. We Admire."

Where to start?

A designed kitchen with wooden floor

Feel empowered through our family owned cleaning service.

HighLow is an experienced family based company that provides efficient cleaning services to their loyal clients; leaving them feeling satisfied and relieved. 

Why Choose Us

Free and Fast Quotes

Just let us know a little bit of information and we will get back to you with an estimate in no time! Our purpose driven team is ready to help.

We are a minority owned family business

Family is at the center of our business. We came together with plans to share the family values of loyalty, hard work, dedication, and commitment with the clients we work with.

Licensed & Insured

We are fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind. We are committed to excellence and ready to provide the structure and order you've been looking for.


"Service was excellent from start to finish. Very professional and would recommend them to anyone needing cleaning services in the future. 10/10"

Our Services

Residential Cleaning

We clean houses, apartments, and any other kind of living spaces.

What we do: Vacuum, mop, dust, disinfect, organize, change linen, dishes, laundry, take out trash, and many more.

Commercial Cleaning

We clean office spaces, venues, stores, schools, and any other kind of buildings.

What we do: Sweep, mop, vacuum, organize desk, sanitize high touched areas, clean windows, and empty waste baskets


Our Process

This is the quick and easy process that HighLow uses to leave you saying "Confidently Clean" the entire day!


Are you overworked?

Do you want more free time?

Do you want to feel relieved?

Give us a call


We can perform a walkthrough of your home or give you an estimate from the information you provide to us over the phone. If that estimate is a good price for you then we can move forward by scheduling an appointment


We show up on time in a professional attire and give you a superior home cleaning experience


You kick back and take a load off!!

Clean Kitchen


We'd love to hear from you

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